Masomatto Black Afgano perfume room spray romeron

Black Afghan - Room spray 350ml

Masomatto Black Afgano



Masomatto Black Afgano fragrance

Black Afgan -inspired by the smell of Black Afghan by Mad et

Masomatto Black Afgano perfume

Fragrance Tip: Unisex

fragrance essence comes from French essential oils up to 6%

Package Contents: 350ml


  • fragrance in the form of spray
  • Ideal for curtains, sofas, bed linen, but also for intense scents of any space in the apartment
  • elegant way to smell a house, apartment or workplace
  • creates a pleasant atmosphere and evokes the mood

Room Spray Romeron is ideal for application to any space in the apartment. Beautifully smells all home textiles such as curtains, sofa, bed linen, but also spaces such as a toilet or bathroom.

Apply to fabric from a distance of about 30-50cm.

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black afghan spray fragrance

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